A premium note manager for the rest of us. Now available!
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Notelife is a premium note manager that goes beyond the basics, but this doesn't mean it's hard to use. In fact, it's designed for every day people like you and me. You don't have to remember any obscure formatting codes (like Markdown syntax) to format your notes. Nor do you have to have a degree in engineering to sync your notes between all of your devices. Rather, Notelife makes it effortless to store anything and find anything whenever you need it. It's just how a note manager should be. We hope you enjoy it!

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Access your notes from any application.

Click the Flash Note icon in the menu bar to access and search your notes while using any application. It's so fast and accessible that you'll find yourself using it a zillion times throughout the day.

Geotag your location.

Keep track of your life by automatically "geotagging" each note with your current location.

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Use tags to organize your notes.

Sure, you can put your notes in folders to organize them, but Notelife takes organization one step further by letting you also assign tags to them. Tags work across folder boundaries which is great when you want to filter notes by tag regardless of what folder each note belongs to.

Entering tags is easy. Simply click a tag bubble and start typing. Notelife will autocomplete your tags to help you maintain consistency.

Attach photos, movies, PDF's, and more.

While you can drag files like a photo right into the body of a note, sometimes you want to attach files to the note itself. Notelife makes it easy to do just that. In fact, you can attach an unlimited number of files to a note including photos, movies, PDF's, and more.

Plus, the built-in attachment viewer makes it easy to view the contents of these files right from within Notelife.

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Formatting text is effortless.

Formatting text doesn't have to be hard. You shouldn't have to remember special formatting codes like Markdown syntax or anything else. In short, you shouldn't have to be a rocket scientist to make your notes look good.

Notelife uses the same familiar formatting controls you've been using since you were a youngster. This is possible because Notelife uses the same industry-standard rich text format that most text editors and word processors can open. This also means your notes can easily be shared with others and with other applications.

Examples of styled text.
iCloud sync diagram.
Syncs with new companion app on iPhone.

Notelife will also be available on iPhone and iPad and it's equally as amazing. Your notes will automatically sync between all of your devices to ensure you're up-to-date everywhere. The iOS app works with your subscription so you only need to purchase one subscription to use the software on any of your devices.

Notelife syncs your notes between all of your devices using the same iCloud syncing technology that Apple uses. This means that you don't have to trust your private information to yet another 3rd party.

All of your information is synced and stored in the cloud using Apple's proven encryption platform. Of course, your information is also stored on your devices in the industry-standard AES-256 encryption format to ensure your information is always encrypted. We've got you covered.

Migrate from SOHO Notes.

If you're a longtime SOHO Notes user we've got good news! Notelife can migrate most, but not all, of your data from SOHO Notes to Notelife. The databases for the two products don't align perfectly so not everything will migrate perfectly, but the migration does provide a nice way to move your data onto a modern platform that syncs via iCloud.

Details. At the time of this writing, the migration requires that your SOHO Notes database is running under SOHO Notes 9.3.7 and not an earlier version. It also requires that all notes in SOHO Notes be unencrypted first since Notelife will have no ability to decrypt them. Some fields like the following won't migrate: comments, labels, shortcuts, alarms, margin settings, embedded tasks, and possibly others. Notelife doesn't have the notion of a "note type" so an "image note" in SOHO Notes will migrate over as a regular note in Notelife with an image attachment. Similarly, the contents of a "form" note in SOHO Notes will migrate over as a regular note in Notelife with the contents of the form converted to text and stored in the note body in Notelife. The migration process and restrictions are still subject change.

SOHO Notes to Notelife migration graphic.

Notelife is free for both iOS and macOS.

Notelife Pro offers advanced features which can be unlocked via a single subscription that covers all of your devices. Subscribe to Notelife Pro for $20 annually and you'll also help support further development.

Go Pro today and unlock features not available in the free version like iCloud syncing, unlimited folders, unlimited attachments, tags, favorites, and more.

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Key Features
Your notes are secured with AES-256 encryption
Rich Text Formatting
Use multiple fonts, styles (bold, italics, etc.), colors, lists, & tables in your notes
Hierarchical Folders
Organize folders hierarchically into multiple levels of sub-folders

Unlimited Folders
Create as many folders as you want for different areas of your life (school, work, etc.)

Unlimited Photos Per Note
Attach an unlimited number of photos to each of your notes

Add tags to your notes to quickly organize and manage them

Mark your favorite notes for quick and easy future reference

Menu Bar Flash Note
Click the Flash Note icon in the menu bar to quickly view and search your notes from any app

Automatically captures your location when you create a new note

Powerful Searching
Searching is lightning-fast and flexible (search by word, phrase, tags, favorites, etc.)

Import text and rich text files as notes into Notelife

Export your notes at any time in the industry-standard rich text format

Migrate much of your SOHO Notes data to Notelife

Print your notes when you want a permanent hardcopy

Note List
View and sort a list of all the notes in a folder and search the list for matching notes

Multiple Window Support
Open multiple viewer and individual note windows at once

Location Chooser
Use searchable map to change the location assigned to a note at any time

Written in Swift using the latest Apple technologies for reliability and a bright future
Latest Version
Version 1.0.1

System Requirements
Requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or later.

Download Latest Version
New in Version 1
• This is the initial version of Notelife.
Recent Changes
1.0.1 Added Tips step to SOHO Notes migration
1.0.1 Fixed licensing issue with names that include diacritical marks
1.0.1 The subscription expiration date for pre-sales of Notelife is extended to account for difference between date of purchase and the actual release date