FotoFuse 2
FotoFuse 2
Create fun & amazing layouts of your photos.
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FotoFuse is the fastest, easiest way to share your stories using your photos. Simply drag your photos into pre-designed layouts for amazing results. For a little extra flare, add text and artwork. After your masterpiece is finished, you can share it via email, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Messages, and more.

Choose a template and then drop in your photos.

FotoFuses comes with 550+ layouts in professional-looking configurations to make your photos look great. Once you've chosen a layout, drop in your photos using the built-in Photos browser. It's fast, it's easy, and it's fun!

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Supports popular aspect ratios.

FotoFuse supports popular aspect ratios (1x1, 2x3, 3x2, 3x4, 4x3) so you can create a photo frame suitable for sharing on social media platforms, ordering prints at your local photo store, etc.

Aspect ratios examples.
Apply filters, masks, enhancements, and textures to your photos.

It's easy to make your photos look spectacular with FotoFuse by enhancing colors, applying masks (100+ included), apply special effects (30+ included), and adding textures (33 overlays in 6 categories: folded, crumpled, canvas, linen, textured, paint).

Special effects examples.
Instantly add frames to your photos.

Make your layouts stand out by customizing your photos with one-click frames. Choose from 10+ different frame styles (photo corners, tape, staples, scalloped edges, Polaroid, Mat, burnt edges, etc.). Each style is customizable so you customize attributes like color, border thickness, etc.

One-click frame examples.
Includes everything you need to create masterpieces.

FotoFuse is a complete solution. It includes everything you to adorns your layouts with text, shapes, special effects, backgrounds, and artwork.

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Manage all of your projects from one big browser.

FotoFuse comes with an ingenious Projects Browser. The browser slides in and fills the entire window so you have maximum screen space to manage your projects. This innovative design also frees up space in the main window so your design canvas is maximized

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Photo Analyzer screenshot.
NEW! The amazing Photo Analyzer.

Select any photo on your design and then press a special button to see the dominant colors in the photo. You can then create a color scheme based on these colors.

NEW! Create designer-worthy color schemes.

Use the built-in color wheel to discover color combinations based on the same color theory that artists use. To make your color exploration more fun, the color wheel spins when you select a new base color and offers educational tips.

Color wheel screenshot.
NEW! Perfect blends between colors.

Create blends between two colors to create a monochromatic look that's pleasing to the eye. Supports tints, shades, tones, and custom blends.

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Eyedropper tool screenshot.
NEW! Grab the color of any pixel.

Use the eyedropper tool to quickly and easily retrieve the color of any pixel on your screen — a convenient way to create color schemes from artwork or source material already on your design.

NEW! Warm vs cool colors.

Warm versus cool refers to the psychological impact colors have in conveying a message. Warm colors are frequently associated with the warm of fire and the sun while cool colors are frequently associated with the coolness of the sea, sky, and foliage. The warm/cool indicator divides the color wheel into warm and cool colors, so you correctly convey the messaging you want.

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Share with Social Networking.

With one click, you can easily share a collage with friends and family. The following sharing options are available: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Mail, Messages, AirDrop, and desktop wallpaper.

Sharing option icons.
3D headline examples.
Impress with 3D headlines.

Use a 3D headline to give your design an eye-catching sophistication usually only achievable by professional designers. You get to control everything: the materials used for the headline, the lighting, the reflections, the 3-dimension perspective, and more. You'll be amazed how easy and fun it is to experiment with different looks.

Key Features
Pre-Designed Templates
550+ layouts in professional-looking configurations
Popular Aspect Ratios
Supports popular aspect ratios: 1x1, 2x3, 3x2, 3x4, 4x3
100+ Photo Masks
Create specials effects on your photos like vignettes

Photo Overlays
33 photo overlays in 6 categories: folded, crumpled, canvas, linen, textured, paint

30+ Photo Effects
Sepia, blurs, sparkle, motion, lenticular halo, and more

50+ smart shapes
Customize smart shapes by dynamically changing the number of points on a starburst, sides on a polygon, etc.

Photo Enhance
Fine-tune photos: brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc.

Fill shapes with linear & circular gradients for sophistication and realism

Alignment Guides
Real-time alignment guides automatically appear and help you position objects

Tint an image with any color and control the tint intensity

Add a customizable reflection to any graphic, shape, or text.
Latest Version
Version 2.0.1

System Requirements
Requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or later.

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New in Version 2
• Create and reuse an unlimited number of color schemes
• Photo analyzer figures out dominant colors in a photo
• Color wheel with 11 built-in color combinations for choosing great colors
• Color combinations include complementary, analogous, triadic, and more
• Built-in color theory tips educate about color use
• Color wheel supports artistic primary colors (RYB: red, yellow, blue)
• Color wheel supports modern primary colors (RGB: red, green, blue)
• Color blender creates blends between two colors
• Built-in color scheme access throughout the software
• Eyedropper retrieves the color of any pixel on the screen
• Warm/cool indicator for the color wheel
• Color blender also supports tints, shades, and tones
• Built-in sliders for adjusting the base color
• Built-in hex field for copying/pasting colors with other apps
Recent Changes
2.0.1 Updated Apple code-signing certificate