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Sticky notes are convenient in day-to-day life and they're convenient on your computer too. Use them to jot down quick reminders, make lists, record happenings in your life, and more.

Use the Note Viewer in StickyBrain to organize your notes into a hierarchy of folders and subfolders. If you don't want to organize your notes into folders, simply hide the folder list to save some screen real estate and instead use StickyBrain like a shoebox for your notes. StickyBrain's lightning-fast searching makes it fast and easy to find whatever you're looking for.

Put stickies everywhere.

The Note Viewer is great for viewing, managing, and searching your notes. However, the Note Viewer is not required. Its use can be either optional or complementary. That is, you can open any note in its own window and then view and edit the note directly. The note is thus just a like a sticky in the physical world.

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Attach an application to a note.

StickyBrain will let you attach an application to a note. After doing so, the note will float above other windows on your screen whenever the application is active. Suppose, for example, you attach the Safari application to a note containing a list of products you want to purchase from your favorite online store when you have some spare time. Whenever you switch to Safari, this note will float forward above other windows, including Safari windows. This convenience feature makes it easy to remember the products you need to purchase the next time you use Safari!

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Key Features
Note Viewer
A single single window from which you can view, edit, search, and manage your notes
Folders & Subfolders
Organize your notes into a hierarchy of folders and subfolders
Find any note by simply typing a word or phrase in the Note Viewer

App Attachments
Attach an app to a note and the note will float above all other windows when the app is active

Colorful Notes
Assign a vibrant background color to individual notes to organize your notes visually

Advanced Editing
Supports built-in spelling, grammar, dictation, text substitutions/transformations, and more

Import text files in popular formats like rich text, Microsoft Word, HTML, and more

Importing Apple Stickies
Import sticky notes you already have in Apple's Stickies application

Export your notes at any time in the industry-standard rich text format

Print individual notes or multiple notes as a single document

Spotlight & Quick Look
Notes are included in OS X's Spotlight searches and include full Quick Look previews

Small, Medium, & Large UI
Choose the text size of key parts of the interface to suit your preferences

Written in Swift using the latest Apple technologies for reliability and a bright future
Latest Version
Version 1.0.1

System Requirements
Requires macOS 10.10 or later.

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New in Version 1
• This is the initial release of StickyBrain