A journal for telling your story, capturing your thoughts, and discovering your dreams.
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Welcome to Lifecraft, an amazing digital journal with a gorgeous interface. Lifecraft has been a year in the making and we think you'll find it a joy to use. It works its magic by encouraging you to self-reflect and focus on your life. In short, Lifecraft will help you reinvent yourself, conquer your setbacks, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and live boldly

Works on iPhone.

Lifecraft is also available on iPhone and it's equally as gorgeous. The iPhone app works with your subscription so you only need to purchase one subscription to use the software on any of your devices. Your journals will automatically sync between all of our devices to ensure you're up-to-date everywhere. An iPad version is coming soon.

Photo of Lifecraft running on Mac and iPhone.
iCloud syncing.

LifeCraft syncs your journals between all of your devices using the same iCloud syncing technology that Apple uses. This means that you don't have to trust your private information to yet another 3rd party.

All of your information is synced and stored in the cloud using Apple's proven encryption platform. Of course, your information is also stored on your devices in the industry-standard AES-256 encryption format to ensure your information is always encrypted. We've got you covered.

iCloud syncing diagram.
Emotion tracking screenshot.
Emotion tracking.

Improve your emotional life by tracking how you feel each day — with one click. You can choose from 8 primary emotions or get really specific with 56 secondary emotions. It's up to you.

The built-in calendar shows your emotional history at a glance. There's also a built-in report that shows your history in a handy graph format. Combined with your journal, these powerful tools help you analyze what in your life is making you happy, sad, etc.

Tag nirvana.

Lifecraft offers two ways to organize and view your journal entries: hierarchical journals and tags. The power of tags is that they work across journals which means they offer a lot of flexibility. We wanted the tag feature in Lifecraft to be best-of-class so we rewrote it from scratch multiple times until we got it right. We think you'll really like it.

Creating and assigning tags to entries is super-fast and super-simple. Simply click the Tag bubble right in a journal entry and start typing your tag. If you start to type a tag you've entered before, it will autocomplete so you can simply press Return to enter another tag.

Screenshot showing tags.
Location Chooser screenshot.
Assign a location to each entry.

When you write a new journal entry, Lifecraft automatically assigns your current location to the entry. You can use the Location Chooser to quickly change the location assigned to any entry at any time. Plus, the chooser has built-in searching so you can easily find specific addresses, famous landmarks, hotels, businesses, and more.


Lifecraft is free for both iOS and macOS.

Lifecraft Pro offers advanced features which can be unlocked via a single subscription that covers all of your devices. Subscribe to Lifecraft Pro for $15 annually and you'll also help support further development on features like an iPad version and global emotion map.

Go Pro today and enjoy features like iCloud syncing, unlimited journals, unlimited photos, emotion tracking, tags, favorites, password lock, and more.

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Key Features
Your journal entries are secured with AES-256 encryption
Rich Text Formatting
Use multiple fonts, styles (bold, italics, etc.), colors, lists, & tables in your journal entries
Hierarchical Journals
Organize journals hierarchically into multiple levels of subjournals

Unlimited Journals
Create as many journals as you want for different areas of your life (school, work, etc.)

Unlimited Photos Per Entry
Attach an unlimited number of photos to each of your journal entries

Add tags to your entries to quickly organize and manage them

Mark your favorite entries for quick and easy future reference

Menu Bar Quick Entry
Click the Quicky Entry icon in the menu bar to quickly at a journal entry at anytime

Automatically captures your location when you create a new entry

Weather Dashboard
Quickly view the current weather forecast and automatically save the weather with each entry

Calendar Dashboard
Your calendar schedule is conveniently available to remind you what happened during your day

Powerful Searching
Searching is lightning-fast and flexible (search by word, phrase, tags, favorites, etc.)

Import text and rich text files as journal entries into Lifecraft

Export your entries at any time in the industry-standard rich text format

Print your journal entries when you want a permanent hardcopy

Unlimited Entries Per Day
Create an unlimited number of entries per day for ultimate flexibility

Activate privacy to hide your entries and prevent unauthorized access

Entry List
View and sort a list of all the entries in a journal and search the list for matching entries

Multiple Window Support
Open multiple viewer and individual entry windows at once

Location Chooser
Use searchable map to change the location assigned to an entry at any time

Written in Swift using the latest Apple technologies for reliability and a bright future
Latest Version
Version 1.0.0

System Requirements
Requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or later.

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New in Version 1
• This is the initial version of Lifecraft