Chronos Announces iClipboard 4.1.0

Chronos Releases iClipboard 4.1.0

Heber City, Utah - February 21, 2012 -- Chronos Inc. today announced the release of iClipboard 4.1.0, an update to its class-leading clipboard manager for Mac OS X. Among a slew of improvements, iClipboard 4.1.0 introduces users to a new look for its application icon. According to Jerry Halls, Vice President of Sales at Chronos, "The new application icon is simple, sleek, and modern. It symbolizes everything iClipboard represents. The elephant on the icon reminds users that iClipboard remembers everything."

When a user copies content to the system-wide clipboard in Mac OS X, the content on the clipboard is often stored in multiple different data formats. The names of these formats are often very cryptic in nature because they're used internally by programmers. iClipboard 4.1.0 translates these cryptic format names into a friendly version that mere-mortals can understand. This new version also organizes the formats into different categories like text, images, web archives, etc.


  • NEW! Added warning about deleting non-text formats when editing text clippings
  • NEW! Added semi-duplicate checker for Microsoft Word because it overwrites the clipboard with a new clipping that is very similar, but not exactly the same, as the last clipping when it quits
  • NEW! Improved reliability of pasting clippings to fix the problem where a "v" sometimes appears
  • NEW! Fixed problem editing certain types of text clippings
  • NEW! Fixed problem where text copied from Microsoft Word appeared very small in Shelf
  • NEW! Fixed problem where the Open/Close Shelf menu item didn't work correctly with a floating Shelf


iClipboard automatically keeps a history of everything a user copies to the system clipboard in any application. It then provides a class-leading five different ways to paste clippings from the history. It also features an elegant interface that shows rich previews of each clipping.


Chronos believes users should have the opportunity to try the software for free before they purchase. A fully functional 30 day trial version can be downloaded from Chronos' web site at <>. iClipboard has been attractively priced at $29.99 and is available directly from Chronos. A family pack is also available for $49.99.

Owners of version 4 can upgrade to version 4.1.0 for free. Registered iClipboard 1.x - 3.x customers can upgrade to version 4 for $14.99. See the website for family pack upgrade pricing.

iClipboard requires Mac OS X v10.6.8 or later; and 50MB of available disk space.


Chronos has been developing award-winning Macintosh software since 1993.
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