SOHO Labels 5 Receives "4 out of 5" Review From AAUG (Alaskan Apple Users Group)

PROS: Easy to use; produces professional looking.
CONS: Was not too successful with mail merge using a former excel address database. Although it says that it can import data from other sources, it was not a successful endeavor for me. It only wanted to merge with contacts despite the fact that I imported a Pages file (formerly Excel).

PRODUCT RATING: 4/5 Impressive!

By Liana Hanson, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member - December 5, 2010

For the price SOHO Labels 5 is fun and easy to use. It’s a complete package for a small business to create professional looking letterheads, envelopes, business cards, CD labels. The product integrates with Avery, Dymo, Brother and other notable label makers.

You can use it to print a number of labels such as:, Address labels, CD/DVD label, Jewel case inserts, Jewel case booklets, Shipping labels, Product labels, Letterhead, Office equip. labels, Admission tickets, Zip disk labels, File folder labels, Floppy disk labels, Automated labels, Perm. ID labels, Inventory labels, Name tag, Business labels, Video labels, Color coding labels, Name badge labels, Multiuse labels, Warning labels, Envelope, Gift tags, Raffle tickets, Audio tape labels, Binder labels, Rotary cards.

If you’re not an artist, there is no need to worry as SOHO labels comes with several templates and iScrapKits. You can drag and drop photos from your iPhoto Gallery or search on the internet for artwork, although you are warned several times about copying artwork without permission.

There are also more than 15 types of bar codes that you can use for inventory and equipment labels.

A “shrink to fit” feature (aka “trim” in Microsoft Office) prevents the software from leaving a blank line if there is no information in the database for that line.

All in all I found the program easy to use. It was relatively a painless process to install. I must confess that I am a former PC user and am still going through a learning curve, but I am finding that with most software installs for the apple installs are very easy. I’m trying to wean myself from over thinking everything.

Although this software said that it could import labels from other sources such as Excel, I was not successful in this endeavor. It just would not import the data from Pages. The original data was done in Excel then brought over to Pages. Perhaps this is the problem, as I don’t recall the software saying that it could import Pages files. I just downloaded Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac and perhaps with a little more practice, I’ll get a successful mail merge in time to do my Christmas newsletter and mailings.

All in all I’d rate this a 4 out of 5 stars. I’m holding off the 5th star for the mail merge, but the problem can probably be attributed to “operator error.” It is a fun and very easy program to use.

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