SOHO Business Cards 3 Receives "4 out of 5" Review From AAUG (Alaskan Apple Users Group)

PROS: A very extensive set of tools and resources which allow you to create your own professional looking business cards.
CONS: I felt that the tutorial assumed the user had a higher level of graphic proficiency than the advertising led you to believe was necessary to use the program. Getting tech support if necessary, beyond beyond using the tutorial content, appears to be a slow process.

PRODUCT RATING: 4/5 Impressive!

By Dave Patterson, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member - October 30, 2010

I have made my own business cards for years, using the software on the packages of card stock I purchased. For the most part I have been happy with my creations but was always looking for tools to customize my work. Trying to export my creations from a graphics program into a card program with my novice skills was frustrating to say the least and I usually ended up settling for a much simpler card than I had envisioned. Quirky software that did not work very well on my mac, added to the frustration. With SOHO business Cards 3, the software is designed for OS X 10.5.8 or later, and there are far more tools available than I could have imagined. See, for a complete rundown on the features. I liked the designs into which you enter your information, directly from your address book and print. Simple business cards in a flash! All the major brands of card stock are supported and all of the styles of cards including CD Labels can be printed on an ink jet or laser printer; or you can send them from the software to a commercial printer for special treatment not available at home.

I could not find the additional artwork available for download and upon looking, as directed, into the knowledge base, found someone else had also asked the same question. There is very little content in the knowledge base for this version. I was led to believe that the artwork was in the iscrapbook store. I did not find anything in the iscrapbook store that looked like the mentioned artwork. I looked for a phone number to contact Chronos, but the best I could find was a mailing address. The support link takes you back to the knowledge base which has a limited number of FAQ’s, non of which answered my question, and a link to ask a question by email after establishing an account. Having unsuccessfully gone down that trail before with other products, i decided I didn’t want to know badly enough to waste any more time. Compared to similar products, including the free ones that come with the card stock, I felt I was on my own to figure out this software. A basic knowledge of graphic programs is the key to using the more advanced features of this software.

Using the software, I have successfully produced a number of card styles to meet my needs, but the design I have in my mind is going to take a while longer to figure out. Learning how to use the tools and resources has a definite learning curve unless you are already a graphic artist. This is “small business class” software and probably exceeds the needs of someone who wants a simple card giving their name and address and has gotten tired of writing it down on a table napkin. If you want to create cards that looks like you had them made by a pro; this will get the job done. Take the time to learn the software and you will be able to bring your ideas to print. SOHO Business Cards 3 provides the tools you will need to become the “go to person” for business cards.

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