Forthcoming PrintLife Improvements & Metric Templates
July 23, 2013

After the release of PrintLife three weeks ago, the majority of requests we received revolved around greeting card improvements. We're pleased to announce that our engineers have literally been working around the clock adding some new features that we think you'll really like. With the forthcoming new version, you'll be able to create more complex cards including the ability to a) create two cards per sheet; b) create double-sided cards; c) create tri-fold cards; and d) edit the the left and right insides of card.

The new editing features will let you edit one face of the card at a time. Plus, you can still view and edit all of the faces at once which is useful if you want a graphic to span multiple faces. We think some of these features may be industry firsts.

Our goal was to create the best greeting card software available and to listen to your requests. We're hoping to release this free update in the next week. It's feature-complete and we're currently doing final testing. That's the good news. The bad news is that these improvements have delayed the metric versions of the templates we include with the software because the software changes affect the file format of many of the templates (both U.S. and metric). We are thus planning on releasing revised U.S. and new metric templates when we release the software. We're really sorry for the metric template delay, but we figured the tradeoff of having the new features will make it worth it for most customers.

SOHO Organizer works with SyncMate
July 21, 2012

Eltima Software offers a product called SyncMate that helps users keep data in sync between their Mac and multiple devices. This includes Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Nokia, and other devices. They have kindly put together an article detailing how to set up SOHO Organizer to work with SyncMate. It should be noted that Chronos hasn't tested, nor can it offer support for using SyncMate and SOHO Organizer, but we felt it was important to let our customers know of solutions available to them.

iCloud, SOHO Notes, & NoteLife
May 15, 2012

SOHO Notes currently syncs notes between multiple computers using Apple's Sync Services technology and MobileMe as the "go-between". As you likely know, Apple will be shutting down MobileMe on June 30, 2012 because its replacement, iCloud, is already up and running. Interestingly, iCloud doesn't work with Apple's Sync Services technology which means iCloud breaks our current note syncing. Instead, iCloud introduces two new syncing technologies: 1) document syncing; and 2) database syncing. More on this below…

When Apple first announced iCloud, we hoped that we could quickly transition from our current method of syncing to iCloud. We also hoped that we could quickly transition our note syncing between SOHO Notes on the Mac and NoteLife on iOS devices to iCloud at the same time. Since both SOHO Notes and NoteLife store their notes in Apple Core Data databases, we thought that we could simply start using iCloud's database syncing technology. Unfortunately, we and other developers have discovered the iCloud database syncing technology is not yet reliable. We and other developers are waiting for Apple to stabilize these reliability issues before we can release solutions based on this technology — this is why there currently aren't any products in the marketplace that use iCloud database syncing. We hope these issues are addressed before June 30, 2012, but we don't yet have any guidance as to whether this will happen or not. Keep your fingers crossed:)

NOTE #1: It should be noted that the iCloud document syncing technology DOES seem to be reliable. This is why applications like Apple's own Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are able to successfully sync documents between computers and iOS devices. While it would be technically possible for Chronos to adopt document-based iCloud syncing, it would require some dramatic changes to SOHO Notes and NoteLife since they are database-based and not document-based.

NOTE #2: iCloud syncing technology is still relatively new. Just like Sync Services prior to Leopard took some time to mature and become reliable, we suspect iCloud syncing will require the same. New technology is often like this and we have full confidence in Apple they'll also reach this milestone with iCloud syncing. Once we get passed these initial bumps, we think iCloud syncing will have a bright future.

Software Advice: CRM for Mac
October 24, 2011

Software Advice published a guide on Mac-based CRM software that includes SOHO Organizer as a CRM solution.

A word on iCloud...
October 19, 2011

We just released SOHO Organizer 9.1.8 which adds support for iCloud calendars and iCloud contacts. Simply choose SOHO Organizer > Preferences > Accounts and create a new a account for iCloud calendars and/or iCloud contacts. Your calendars and contacts will show up in SOHO Organizer and any changes you make in SOHO Organizer are instantly reflected in iCloud and other devices that sync to iCloud. You can delete any MobileMe accounts you've created in SOHO Organizer at the same time you create the iCloud accounts.

If you're a MobileMe customer, then you'll first need to follow Apple's instructions for "moving" your MobileMe calendars and contacts to iCloud. There are two important things you'll want to know about BEFORE doing this. First, you'll no longer be able to use MobileMe for syncing other types of information like notes from SOHO Notes (more on this below) between computers. Second, your contacts that were previously stored locally on your computer and used by Apple's Address Book application will be moved to iCloud. Apple has chosen to implement iCloud contacts as a CardDAV server which is great news since your contacts are now stored in the cloud using CardDAV just like your calendars are stored in the cloud using CalDAV. This basically eliminates contact syncing via Apple's Sync Services technology. Now any of your applications or devices can just access and sync to the contacts in iCloud directly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you move your MobileMe data to iCloud, you'll no longer be able to sync data between your computers using MobileMe. This presents a problem for SOHO Notes since it uses Apple's Sync Services technology which uses MobileMe to sync between multiple computers. As you've probably heard, Apple will permanently shut down MobileMe on June 30, 2012. However, if move to iCloud today, it effectively shuts down MobileMe for you today. This means you won't be able to sync SOHO Notes between multiple computers. We're currently working on an iCloud syncing solution for SOHO Notes that will support syncing notes between multiple computers and devices but we don't yet have a release date for it. We think it's still probably two to three months away.

NoteLife HD now available on App Store.
August 31, 2011

NoteLife HD, the iPad-specific version of NoteLife, is now available on the App Store. It requires SOHO Notes 9.1.6 if you plan on syncing NoteLife HD to SOHO Notes on your Mac.

NoteLife for iPad has been submitted to Apple.
August 19, 2011

NoteLife for iPad ("NoteLife HD") has been submitted to the App Store. We're just waiting for it to be approved by Apple...

NoteLife for iPad.
May 16, 2011

We've received many inquiries about the status of NoteLife for iPad. Several months ago, we had to put the project on hold because our development resources were tied up in other areas. But we're back to working aggressively on NoteLife for iPad and will be releasing it this summer. We think users will be pleased with the app when they finally see it.

NoteLife Syncing.
May 16, 2011

Syncing between SOHO Notes and NoteLife hasn't been without its problems. Wi-Fi syncing poses significant technical challenges and many developers have struggled with these same challenges. The trend has been to move to cloud-based services such as DropBox. We plan to move NoteLife "into the cloud" as well, but are waiting to see what Apple does with its rumored iCloud service. Some have speculated that Apple will build cloud-based syncing into the next major version of the iOS operating system. If this turns out to be accurate, it will completely change the way iOS apps handle syncing. We'll find out for sure during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference which takes place this year in the 2nd week of June.

SOHO Notes 9 and SOHO Organizer 9 Forthcoming.
December 15, 2010

We're pleased to announce that SOHO Notes 9 and SOHO Organizer 9 will be released sometime before January 31, 2011. We're in the final stages of testing these products so an exact release date is not yet available. These two products will have some exciting new features that have been heavily requested by our customers.

SOHO Notes 9:

NEW! Widescreen View
NEW! Tag Explorer
NEW! Bookmarklets
NEW! Geo-tagged note support
NEW! Edit externally attached tasks
NEW! Improved NoteLife syncing

SOHO Organizer 9:

NEW! CardDAV support for contact sharing
NEW! Improved MobileMe calendar support
NEW! Offline viewing/editing of CardDAV & CalDAV accounts
NEW! Nested smart groups for contacts
NEW! Calendar groups
NEW! Master on/off alarm switch
NEW! Week view scrolling options (by day/week)
NEW! Comprehensive duplicate checker
NEW! Recurring event speed improvements (up to 800% faster)
NEW! SOHO Print Essentials: Cover Flow for previewing artwork
NEW! SOHO Print Essentials: Smart Templates
NEW! SOHO Print Essentials: Font Preview
NEW! SOHO Print Essentials: Trim-To-Label

A NoteLife for iPad Update.
December 15, 2010

We're still working on NoteLife for iPad. It has taken us a little longer than expected to make some of the user interface changes necessary for a great iPad experience. At this point, we anticipate a release date early next year (2011). We'll most likely release it after the release of SOHO Notes 9 so it can also take advantage of some of the syncing changes coming with that upgrade.

When Will NoteLife for iPad Be Released?
September 13, 2010

We've been getting a lot of requests from users regarding an iPad version of NoteLife. As many of you know, NoteLife is currently available as an iPhone application which means it will run on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. However, many users would like to see an iPad-specific version that takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen. The good news is that we've been working on an iPad version of NoteLife for several months now. Here are some things you'll likely want to know about it:

  • iPad-Specific App. NoteLife for iPad will be released as an iPad-specific application -- not a hybrid iPhone/iPad application. We made this decision because we expect the iPad version of NoteLife to eventually offer features not found in the iPhone version due to it larger screen. An iPad-specific version should thus minimize feature confusion.
  • Pricing. We anticipate pricing NoteLife for iPad at $9.99, but this price point has not yet been set in stone.
  • Discounts. Sorry, but Apple's App Store does not provide any way for us to offer discounts on NoteLife for iPad for users who already own NoteLife.
  • Release Date. NoteLife for iPad should be released before the end of the year. We wish we had a more accurate forecast for its release, but we're almost always wrong when it comes to "guessing" release dates and we don't want to create any false hopes.
When Will NoteLife Be Released?
December 1, 2009

It took MUCH longer than we anticipated but we're happy to announce that NoteLife is now available at the iPhone App Store. We thank you for your patience over the past couple of months and hope that NoteLife makes your iPhone/iPod touch an even more productive and enjoyable part of your life.

November 16, 2009

On November 10, we received a phone call from Apple regarding NoteLife. They indicated that one of our icons was still "too similar" to a Mac OS X icon (even though it we had previously changed it to a completely unique icon). Rather than argue the point, we changed the icon again so it's no longer even vaguely similar to the OS X icon. The good news is they said that was the only remaining issue with NoteLife and they would work to expedite the review process.

November 3, 2009

Today, Apple contacted us again saying that NoteLife is requiring unexpected additional time for review. They didn't offer any specific reasons, but one possibility is that since NoteLife syncs with SOHO Notes, they have to fully test the syncing feature. We'll post any news as we receive it.

October 31, 2009

Here's the latest news on our NoteLife approval saga. On October 23, we received an email from Apple asking that we change the name of one of the views in NoteLife (which we did).

We asked for an update on our approval status given that it's been 6 weeks since we submitted NoteLife. Unfortunately, it appears review times vary from app to app and some apps take much longer to review than others. This may be related to the size and complexity of a given app. But we continue to wait and hope. Thanks for your patience.

October 22, 2009

The short answer is that we don't know because we're still waiting for Apple approval, but we hope that it will be approved any day now. The long answer is that NoteLife was originally submitted to Apple on Sep 18, 2009. On September 29th, 2009 we received notification from Apple that they wanted us to change one of the icons in the NoteLife interface. We complied with their request and promptly resubmitted that application. That was three weeks ago so we're now keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that it will be made available soon!
Support Ticket Delays:(
October 22, 2009

The release of version 8 of SOHO Notes and SOHO Organizer has been HUGE. As a result, our support technician has been getting behind on support tickets. We've pulled a couple of our software engineers off of their normal duties of working on the software to help with support in an effort to reduce wait times, but wait times are still probably at one to two weeks. We appreciate your patience during this high volume period and we're really sorry for the delays.
Pre-Announcing NoteLife for the iPhone/iPod touch
August 28, 2009

It's no secret that the iPhone is HUGE and it's also no secret that our SOHO Notes customers want to synchronize their notes to their iPhones. Speaking of secrets, we have one that we'd like to share:

"We have covertly been working on a world-class note manager for the iPhone for some time. We have kept it tightly under wraps until we knew it was good enough to be the best on the market. We're calling it NoteLife because it manages a lot of the important stuff in your life."

Wow! That feels really good to finally share. NoteLife is one of those special products where everything comes together really nicely. It excels at storing media-rich notes including notes that contain rich text, images, audio, video, pdf's, web archives, bookmarks, files, and forms.

It also has features lacking in other note managers on the iPhone like full support for folders and nested sub-folders. It even lets you view your notes in either a standard list format or visually using a Cover Flow view with full note previews. Best of all, it synchronizes with the new forthcoming version of SOHO Notes 8. We're talking full two-way synchronization of notes (including all the media-rich types) and folders/sub-folders.

NoteLife will be available on Apple's App Store for $4.99 on or around September 22, 2009 pending approval by Apple.

Robert McCullough

Pre-Announcing SOHO Notes 8 and SOHO Organizer 8
August 27, 2009

Sixteen months ago, we began the enormous undertaking of rewriting the core engine of SOHO Notes and SOHO Organizer from scratch in order to improve the speed of these products. This required throwing away years of work to create a new engine based on Apple’s extremely-fast Core Data.

Five months ago, we asked our Notes and Organizer users what they wanted most in the next versions of these products. The top three requests voiced by an overwhelming majority of customers were: 1) faster launching; 2) faster searching; and 3) iPhone synchronization of notes. We were thrilled to learn that our engine re-write would answer the two biggest requests from our customers.

Of course, we weren't content to just make the software faster so we decided to add some other heavily requested features to these new versions like the following:

SOHO Notes
• iPhone synchronization (more on this later)
• Cover Flow view
• Icon view
• Voice, video, and photo recorder
• Overhauled backup system that is faster and less obtrusive
• New encryption system

SOHO Organizer
• Desktop calendar
• Apple Mail integration
• Themes for calendar customization
• Voice, video, and photo recorder
• Much improved print preview system

The good news is that these new versions are complete and we're calling them version 8. We’re currently wrapping up final testing and preparing to submit the iPhone application to Apple.

SOHO Notes 8 and SOHO Organizer 8 will be officially released on September 22, 2009. We're really excited about these upgrades and because of their enormity, we're going to be offering some amazing pre-release specials. You can read more about these specials and see screenshots of the new versions on our homepage.

With all the good news, we also have some bad news. Our new database engine based on Core Data is no longer multi-user. This was an extremely hard decision for us to make, but there were just too many compelling reasons to go with Core Data and the bulk of our customers use our software in single-user environments. That said, we're currently looking into some solutions (open source, cloud, etc.) that will provide multi-user repositories for contacts, calendars, and notes. Once we release version 8, we aim to work closer with our multi-user customers to figure out what their needs are and how they might best be met. In fact, we'll be making some announcements after the release of version 8 detailing new ways that we plan to increase communication and collaboration with you our customers. Thank you for your support,

The Chronos Team
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