Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later
  Yosemite compatible
  Version (Release Notes)
The fastest, easiest way to view the important happenings in your life — and it's more gorgeous than ever!

Spotlife puts your calendar directly on your desktop, so it's always available to you. Press a keyboard shortcut at any time from any application, and the Desktop Calendar will zoom forward above all other windows — now you'll truly be able to put your life in the spotlight.

NEW 2.0 FEATURE. Weather forecast.
Spotlife will check the weather for you and conveniently display it right in your Day, Week, and Month calendars. You can even customize the style and color of the weather icons to suit your taste.

NEW 2.0 FEATURE. Current date in menu bar icon with built-in view switcher.
The Spotlife menu bar icon now shows you the current date (weekday and date). Plus, you can quickly switch between agenda, day, week, and month views right from this menu without opening preferences.

NEW 2.0 FEATURE. Blurred, translucent backgrounds.
Spotlife has always let you customize the Desktop Calendar's background using transparency and colors. Now you can also choose a special blurred translucent option that makes the calendar easier to read while letting the desktop wallpaper still show through. Choose from a dark or light style.

NEW 2.0 FEATURE. Automatic calendar account setup.
Spotlife will now automatically detect all of the calendar accounts (On My Mac, iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendars, etc) that you already have set up in OS X. These are the same calendar accounts that your OS X Calendar and Reminders applications are already using. Plus, at any time, you can select or deselect the individual calendars that you want to appear in the Desktop Calendar.

The Desktop Calendar.
Spotlife helps you focus on the important events and tasks in your life by putting your calendar directly on your desktop so it’s easily accessible and always available. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Desktop Calendar is for viewing only which means you can’t click on it or edit any of the items on it. While we'd really like to add editing capabilities, it's not currently possible to do so in Mac OS X and preserve the functionality of the Finder.

Agenda, Day, Week, and Month views.
The Desktop Calendar lets you view your calendar four different ways so you see your calendar the way you like. Choose from Agenda, Day, Week, or Month views.

Center Stage.
It’s inevitable that the Desktop Calendar will become fully or partially covered at some point in your day. Or the occasion may arise when you’d like to see your schedule in more detail. The Center Stage feature makes this not only possible, but so fast and easy you’ll wonder why it hasn’t been done before. Simply press a keyboard shortcut and the Desktop Calendar will zoom forward above other windows and will be jumbo-sized to show maximum detail — now you’ll truly be able to put your life in the spotlight.

Make it custom.
You can customize the appearance of the Desktop Calendar to match the wallpaper you’ve chosen for your desktop or to suit your personal style. Spotlife lets you customize many aspects of the Desktop Calendar like colors, fonts, grid styles, and more. For your convenience, Spotlife also includes several built-in themes you can choose from.

Choose the size and location.
You can choose the size and location of the Desktop Calendar on your desktop. There are nine locations you can choose from and you can change the size of the Desktop Calendar from small to screen-filling.

Desktop Calendar
The Desktop Calendar appears directly on your desktop
  Events & Tasks
Choose to show events, tasks, or both on the Desktop Calendar
  Agenda View
The Agenda view lists everything on your schedule for the coming days(s)
Day View
The Day view shows your daily schedule in a timeline fashion
  Week View
The Week view shows from 2 to 14 days at a time in a timeline fashion
  Month View
The Month view shows events & tasks a month at a time
Work with OS X Calendar Accounts
Spotlife automatically uses the calendar accounts that are setup in OS X so zero setup is required
  On My Mac
Work with On My Mac calendars that are stored locally on your computer
Works with your iCloud account which you have setup on your computer
Works with Microsoft Exchange accounts whether on your local network or the internet
  Google Calendar
Works with Google Calendar accounts that you set up via Google's website
  Yahoo! Calendar
Works with Yahoo! Calendar accounts that you set up via Yahoo's website
fruux Calendar
Works with fruux Calendar accounts that you set up via fruux's website
Works with any CalDAV account whether on your local network or the internet
  Center Stage
Center Stage brings the Desktop Calendar forward in front of all other windows
Enable Individual Calendars
Choose which individual calendars you want to appear on the Desktop Calendar
  Size & Location
Adjust the size and location of Desktop Calendar window to suit your workflow
  Menu Bar Icon
Access key program features from the menu bar icon which also shows the current date
Customizable Appearance
Customize the appearance of Desktop Calendar including colors, fonts, etc.
Choose from any of 7 built-in themes to customize the look of Desktop Calendar
Navigate to different day, week, or month using keyboard shortcuts or the mouse

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