Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later
  Mountain Lion compatible
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Tasks, Calendars, Contacts, & Notes. Now with iCloud support!

SOHO Organizer is a powerful productivity suite consisting of three applications that work harmoniously together: SOHO Organizer, SOHO Notes, and SOHO Print Essentials.

New in version 9
CardDAV & iCloud Contacts
Choose from Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views.
  Offline CardDAV/CalDAV
Choose from Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views.
  iCloud Contacts & Calendars
Set up iCloud Contacts & Calendars in one step.
  Contact Smart Groups
Choose from Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views.
  Calendar Groups
Choose from Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views.
Attach Files
Choose from Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views.
  Postal Code Lookups
Choose from Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views.
  Find Duplicates
Choose from Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views.
  Archive Old Events & Tasks
Clean up your calendar by archiving events and tasks.
  Calendar Views
Choose from Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views.
Calendar Themes
Decoroate your calendars in colors and styles you enjoy.
  Desktop Calendar
View your schedule right on your desktop at anytime.
Record and attach voice, video, and photo notes to contacts.
  Email Integration
See releated emails when you select a contact.
  Tasks on Calendar
View your tasks directly on your calendar.
Repeating Tasks
Tasks repeat in real life. Now they repeat on your computer.
Keep a diary of important events and thoughts in your life.
Keep your computers, iPod, and iPhone in sync.
  Feature List
A complete list of award-winning features.

NEW! Share contacts with CardDAV including iCloud Contacts.

CardDAV is an Internet standard that lets multiple users share an address book. Shared address books are managed by a CardDAV server such as the Address Book Server that Apple includes with Mac OS X Server or iCloud Contacts.

NOTE: SOHO Organizer does not include any CardDAV Server software since it's designed to work with server software provided by others that supports this standard.

  NEW! Access CardDAV and CalDAV accounts even when you're not online.

You can view and edit information in your CardDAV and CalDAV accounts even when you're not connected to the Internet. An offline symbol appears next to your account so you know the account isn't online. When you connect to the Internet again, all of your changes will be automatically synced to the CardDAV/CalDAV server and vice versa.

NEW! One-step iCloud Contacts & Calendars setup.

SOHO Organizer supports iCloud's new CardDAV-based contacts and CalDAV-based calendars and lets you set up access to these accounts by simply entering your Apple ID and password. It couldn't be easier.


NEW! Automatic organization with contact Smart Groups.

Create your own smart groups to automatically organize your contacts. For example, you can create a smart group that automatically includes all media contacts whose place of business is in California.

Plus, smart groups can be nested to create complex hierarchical groupings of contacts — just what you need for real-life projects.

NEW! Calendar groups simplify scheduling.

Group calendars into related calendar groups so you can more easily show and hide the events and tasks from those calendars. For example, create a "Sports" calendar group for your three children's schedules. You can then show and hide these schedules in your Month view with one click instead of three.

  NEW! Attach file links to events, tasks, and contacts.

Attach a file or folder link to any event, task, or contact when you want to create an easy way to access related information.

NEW! Fast & accurate addresses using automatic postal code lookups.

When you enter the postal code for a contact, SOHO Organizer will automatically look up the postal code using a web service and fill in the remaining fields like city, state, etc. This feature works for most postal codes in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, and India/Sri Lanka.

The software will even let you override the default order of address fields so that the postal code field is listed first. Think about all the typing you'll save yourself.

  NEW! The easiest way to find duplicates.

If you've ever had to search for duplicates and then deal with the results, you'll understand what a time-consuming process it can be. SOHO Organizer makes it easy to search for and then merge/delete duplicate groups, contacts, calendars, events, and tasks. Plus, it also handles duplicate fields within these items like duplicate phone numbers within a contact or duplicate alarms within an event.

NEW! Clean up the clutter — archive old events & tasks.

As you use SOHO Organizer, it’s easy to quickly amass a large number of events and tasks which can become a nuisance. First, they can clutter calendars views making it harder to manage and search your information. Second, they can decrease the performance of the software.

SOHO Organizer provides a convenient feature to help you archive old events and tasks. When you archive events and tasks, a calendar file is saved in the industry standard vCal format for each calendar you archive. You can later import a calendar file if you want to restore the data in SOHO Organizer again.

A calendar for every season.
Choose a calendar view that suits the task at at hand. Your choices include Day, Week, Month, Year, and List views. These views go way beyond the norm. For example, the month view is more than a simple month view—it's actually a Super Month view. It can display any number of months at once so you can easily schedule events across month boundaries. Likewise, the Week view actually lets you choose how many days you want to see from 5 day to 14 days. The Day view even lets you choose whether you want to view the day as an hourly schedule to quickly locate free blocks of time or as a list of scheduled events. You choose.


Get fancy with your life.

Dress up your calendar in colors and styles that suit your tastes. After all, you look at your calendar a lot throughout the day, so why not make it represent you and your life? Customize almost every aspect of your Day, Week, and Month calendars including colors, background pictures, fonts, line thicknesses, and more.

Desktop magic.

Your schedule will now magically and conveniently appear on your desktop where you can view it at any time. Plus, its appearance is totally customizable so it looks good no matter what desktop background you use.

The Desktop Calendar can be positioned at any of nine different locations and can be made as wide or thin as you'd like. It's your desktop and now it will display your life!

  Attach voice, video, and photo notes to contacts.

Voice notes to remember.
Record memos, ideas, thoughts, reminders, lectures, meetings, or any audio you want using your computer's built-in or external microphone. When you're done, edit your recording, then attach the recording to a friend or associate in your address book.

Video notes are fun.
Shoot and edit video right from your computer using your computer's built-in iSight camera. After shooting, trim it to the perfect length, and attach it to a relevant contact in your address book.

Photo notes are worth a thousand words.
Snap a picture using your computer's built-in iSight camera then save the photo as a new note. Captured photos can also be emailed or attached to contacts in your address book.

Follow the email trail…

When you select a contact, you'll see all of the emails that you've exchanged with that person. The relevant emails show up in the Attachments block along with everything else related to the contact like notes, appointments, phone calls, etc.

When viewing attached emails, you can choose to view emails that you've sent to the person, emails you've received from the person, or everything. Simply double-click the email to view it. This feature currently only works with Apple Mail.

  Tasks appear right on your calendar.

Most organizer software only lets you view your tasks in a list. In SOHO Organizer, your tasks can also appear directly on your calendar so you can see when you started on the task, when you completed the task, and when it's due. If a task is past due, you'll see a red bar inside of the task that shows you how far past due it is. If you've completed a task early, you'll see a T-bar indicating just how early you were. Good job! Schedule a task to celebrate.

Repeating tasks are a way of life.

SOHO Organizer is the first and only organizer on the Mac that supports repeating tasks which makes a lot of sense because people often do the same tasks over and over again according to some pattern. For example, you might need to submit a sales report every Friday or run three miles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Each occurrence of a repeating tasks can be marked off individually and you can even delete or reschedule a single occurrence if you need to. After all, who wants to run three miles on vacation.


A journal for your thoughts.

Use the built-in Journal to keep a diary of important events and thought that occur throughout your day. The journal includes full word processing capabilities so you can easily add photos, movies, sound clips, and more to your entries. Navigating journal entries is a breeze with special controls for not only moving forward/backward a day at a time but jumping forward/backward between entries.

Keep your life in sync.

iCloud Synchronization
iCloud synchronization ensures that you always have the same contacts and calendars on all of your computers and devices. iCloud synchronization requires an Apple iCloud account which is available from Apple.

MobileMe Synchronization
MobileMe synchronization ensures that you always have the same LOCAL contacts, calendars, and notes on multiple computers. MobileMe synchronization requires an Apple MobileMe account. Apple will be shutting down the MobileMe service on June 30, 2012 and recommends users transition to iCloud instead.

Cell Phone & iPod Synchronization
SOHO Organizer works with Apple's iSync to synchronize your personal contacts and calendars with cell phones and iPods.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch synchronization
SOHO Organizer automatically synchronizes with other calendar and contact software on your computer using Apple's Sync Services, so your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch always has your latest info. You can also synchronize your notes between your Mac and your iPhone or iPod touch. Note synchronization requires purchase of NoteLife on your iPhone/iPod touch and a Wi-Fi wireless network connection.

57 ways SOHO Organizer helps you manage your life.

Automatic backups that can be customized for peace of mind Tabbed interface keeps multiple contact & calendar views open Use iCloud to sync contacts & calendars between devices Sync contacts & calendars to devices supported by iSync
Open multiple databases at once to organize contacts and calendars Easily make text all upper-case, lower-case, capitalize Auto-substitue smart quotes, dashes, links, data detectors Simple or advanced boolean searching
Spelling and grammar checking for perfect notes            


Record and attach audio notes to contacts Record and attach video using your iSight camera to contacts Personal contacts synchronize to the Address Book Email from Apple Mail automatically links to contacts
Quickly insert the date and time into notes Automatic contact linking helps you manage relationships Find and manage duplicate contacts Import or export your contacts as industry-standard vCards
Use the Alphabet Bar to quickly filter contacts like a phone book Design and print custom contact card reports Log incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMS messages Contact Card supports flexible layouts, themes, zooming
Capture and attach photo using your iSight camera to contacts
Ages are automatically calculated in the Contact Card Organize contacts into groups and sub-groups Auto-completion helps you quickly enter contact information
Unlimited tag assignments with instant tag searching
List view lets you sort, filter, and edit contacts
Create and attach unlimited notes to contacts
Create and attach events and tasks to contacts
Dial using a Bluetooth phone, modem, or your speakers
Automatic employee linking to organizations
Generate maps using Google or MapQuest services Automatic name parsing helps you enter names more easily
Establish named relationships between multiple contacts
Email contacts using your default email client Enter unlimited custom fields for individual contacts    


View your schedule right on your desktop Year view makes it easy to see an entire year at a glance Subscribe to calendars published on the Internet. Publish your calendar on the Internet so others can view it
Customize the color and style of day, week, and month calendars Super-Month view displays an unlimited number of weeks Design and print custom event/task reports Sort the master task list by priority, due date, etc.
Track daily events, conversations, travel expenses, etc. Week view lets you view 5 to 14 days of your schedule at once Attach attendees to your events and tasks Assign alarms to your events and tasks
Import/Export industry-standard vCal files Day view contains event, task, and daily notes regions Schedule tasks that repeat, e.g. the fifth of each month  All your personal calendars stay perfectly synchronized with iCal
Tasks show up directly in Day, Week, and Month views List view lets you sort and edit events and to-dos Print Day, Week, and Year calendars Supports Hebrew, Buddhist, Islamic, and Japanese calendars
Connect to CalDAV servers to share public calendars Journal view makes it easy to keep a daily diary        

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