Requires iOS OS 4.0 or later
  Compatible with iPad
  Requires SOHO Notes 9.x for syncing
Welcome to NoteLife. Now for iPad.

NoteLife is the perfect tool for our information-rich world. With the look of a well-worn leather journal and the brain of a super computer, it remembers everything you throw at it and can recover the most obscure piece of information in seconds. Like a trusted assistant, NoteLife is always by your side helping you keep track of your life.

Get to know NoteLife
Leather Cover
Protect against casual snooping.
  Voice & Movie Notes
Create multimedia notes with the built-in audio/video recorder.
  Cover Flow
Unique Cover Flow view for viewing folders and notes.
Protect private information with AES 256-bit Strong Encryption.
Create unlimited folders and nested subfolders.
Find exactly what you're looking for.
  SOHO Notes Sync
Full two-way note syncing with SOHO Notes 9.x for Mac.
  Store Everything
Store text, images, media, PDF's, web archives, etc.
  Feature List
A complete list of features.
You CAN judge a book by its cover.

The first thing you’ll see when you launch NoteLife is an inviting leather cover. NoteLife tastefully combines natural materials in an interface that’s a pleasure to use.

NoteLife’s cover isn’t just a pretty face: it provides protection against casual snooping. And if you assign a password to NoteLife, the cover will remain locked until the correct password is entered.

  Life is more than just words.

Photo notes are a great way to put faces to names. And if you get tired of typing, use the built-in voice recorder to create your own voice memos.

With Movie notes, you can capture the moment then add your own comments describing the movie. Email your movie (comments and all) to friends & family with a single click.

Go with the flow.

NoteLife’s unique Cover Flow view is a quick and fun way to navigate your notes. Drag your finger across the screen and your notes slide into focus with silky smooth animation. Larger, more detailed note thumbnails make it easy to find the note you're looking for.

  Peace of mind.

With its powerful encryption featues, NoteLife is the ideal place to store private information such as:

• Bank account numbers
• Credit card information
• Passwords
• Journal entries

NoteLife offers note-by-note encryption—or you can encrypt entire folders. In other words, your private information will remain private.

Everything in its place.

Subfolders. It’s a simple concept that we often take for granted. But there’s a reason NoteLife supports unlimited levels of folders & subfolders: it’s an elegant and efficient way to organize large numbers of notes.

To make it even easier to find your most-used notes, NoteLife proivides a special Favorites folder where all of your favorite notes appear in one place.

  Find what you’re looking for.

It’s easy to store a lot of information in NoteLife. And it’s just as easy to find it again using NoteLife’s fast search function. For even more flexibility, you can assign your own search tags to each note.

NoteLife includes a note browsing history that works just like in a web browser. Tap the back button to go to the previously selected note (even if the note is in a different folder). Tap the forward button to move forward again.

True Sync.

As a NoteLife user, you can optionally sync your notes with SOHO Notes 9.x, the award-winning note manager for Mac. Syncing is “two-way” which means you can change notes on your iPad AND on your Mac and you don't have to worry about losing anything.

When you sync with SOHO Notes 9.x, you get every kind of note: rich text notes, pictures, movies, PDF’s, forms (read-only), web archives, bookmarks, etc.

NOTE: SOHO Notes is no longer available for sale and is no longer being actively developed.

Stores everything in your media-rich life.
Features galore.
Store media notes including rich text, image, PDF, audio, etc. Create notes using photos or movies already on your iPhone Add comments to notes such as thoughts, reminders, etc. Auto-capitalization options including all-caps
Use Cover Flow to visually navigate folders and notes Securely store confidential info using AES 256-bit Encryption Super-fast searches of note titles, contents, tags, comments, etc. Deleted notes are moved to the Trash as an extra precaution
Assign custom previews to notes to visually identify them Two-way sync with Macs running SOHO Notes 9.x Customize a note with a font, text color, and paper color Email notes to family, friends, and associates with one touch
Geotagging automatically stores WHERE a note was created Organize notes into unlimited folders and subfolders View rich text notes with fonts, styles, and embedded pictures Move Notes between folders/subfolders.
Assign unlimited tags to notes to organize & make searchable Rearrange folders and subfolders using drag & drop View the number of characters and words in notes Built on a rock-solid database engine
Supports portrait and landscape modes for browsing & editing Easily mark favorite notes and view in the special Favorites folder Previews are automatically created for each note for visual browsing Turn on/off auto-correction for assisted note editing
Use the built-in voice recorder to record notes
Quickly insert the current date and time into notes
Sort notes by title or date in List or Cover Flow modes    
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