Requires iOS OS 4.0 or later
  Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch
  Requires SOHO Notes 9.x for syncing
A media-rich note manager for your life.

NoteLife is a media-rich note manager for iPhone and iPod touch devices. NoteLife makes it easy for you to securely keep the details of your life with you wherever you go.

Get to know NoteLife
Cover Flow
Unique Cover Flow view for viewing folders and notes.
  Voice & Movie Notes
Create multimedia notes with the built-in audio/video recorder.
Protect private information with AES 256-bit Strong Encryption.
  SOHO Notes Sync
Full two-way note syncing with SOHO Notes for Mac.
  Folders & Searching
Create unlimited folders and nested sub-folders.
Rich Text
Assign custom note styles and view rich text notes.
  Flexible Notes & Geotagging
Media-rich notes with full geotagging support.
  Store Everything
Store text, images, media, PDF's, web archives, etc.
  Feature List
A complete list of features.
Go with the flow.

Cover Flow
NoteLife’s unique Cover Flow view is a quick and fun way to navigate your notes. Drag your finger across the screen and your notes slide into focus with silky smooth animation. Nice big preview images make it easy to find the note you're looking for.

Custom Preview Images
You can even create your own note preview images. When you meet with someone, snap a photo of them and use that as your note preview. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is a great way to link your text notes to people and places.

  Talking pictures.

Sometimes it's easier to speak than to type. That's why NoteLife has a built-in voice recorder. You can start and pause your recording as many times as you want. When you're ready, save your recording to a note and listen to it at your leisure.

NoteLife is great at storing and organizing movies taken with your iPhone. So let loose and shoot movies of your friends, kids, funny looking animals... whatever you want. After you've shot a clip, store it in a note and enter some comments describing your masterpiece. Or email your movie, comments and all, to a friend with a single click.

Peace of mind.

It's bad when you lose your iPhone. It's worse when someone steals your credit card information or bank account numbers from your iPhone. But with NoteLife, you're covered.

Most applications offer simple password protection which can be bypassed by an experienced thief in seconds. NoteLife is different. It actually ENCRYPTS sensitive information on a note-by-note basis using "AES 256-bit Strong Encryption" which has been adopted by the U.S. government. So you can laugh all the way to the bank and not worry about someone cleaning out your account before you get there.

  True sync.

NoteLife offers true two-way syncing with SOHO Notes, the award-winning note manager for Mac. "True sync" means that you can change notes on your iPhone AND on your Mac and you don't have to worry about losing anything.

True sync also means that when you sync with SOHO Notes, you get every kind of note: rich text notes, pictures, movies, PDF’s, forms (read-only), web archives, bookmarks... you name it. You can also sync your iPhone with more than one computer. And syncing happens wirelessly over Wi-Fi so you don't even have to connect your iPhone to your computer!

NOTE: SOHO Notes is no longer available for sale and is no longer being actively developed.

Organization made easy.

Folders & Sub-folders
A note manager isn't much good if you can't find what you're looking for. NoteLife excels at organization. Not only can you create FOLDERS for your notes, you can also create multiple layers of SUB-FOLDERS. It’s simple to rearrange your folders using drag and drop.

Favorites & Searching
Most people have certain favorite notes that they revisit over and over. NoteLife includes a special "Favorites" folder that contains all the notes that you've marked as your favorites. Of course, there's also a built-in search feature and note tagging that make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

  A rich experience.

It’s much easier to find notes if they don’t all look the same. You can personalize your notes by choosing a different font, text color and paper color for each note.

Rich Text
If you sync with SOHO Notes, you can VIEW true rich text notes on your iPhone, each with multiple fonts, styles and embedded pictures.

Note: the iPhone doesn't support native rich text editing. When you click on a rich text note, NoteLife automatically converts it to plain text so you can edit it.

Your life.

There's more to life than just letters and numbers. And your notes should reflect that. NoteLife can record and display many kinds of information including text, photos, movies, voice recordings, web bookmarks, etc.

NoteLife also helps keep track of your life by “geotagging” each of your notes. You can select a note at any time and see where you were when you created it it. The location is displayed in the Maps application right on your iPhone.

Stores everything in your media-rich life.
Features galore.
Store media notes including rich text, image, PDF, audio, etc. Create notes using photos or movies already on your iPhone Add comments to notes such as thoughts, reminders, etc. View notes in full screen mode to see as much as possible
Use Cover Flow to visually navigate folders and notes Securely store confidential info using AES 256-bit Encryption Super-fast searches of note titles, contents, tags, comments, etc. Deleted notes are moved to the Trash as an extra precaution
Assign custom previews to notes to visually identify them Two-way synchronization with Mac computers running SOHO Notes Customize a note with a font, text color, and paper color Email notes to family, friends, and associates with one touch
Geotagging automatically stores WHERE a note was created Organize notes into unlimited folders and subfolders View rich text notes with fonts, styles, and embedded pictures Move Notes between folders/subfolders.
Assign unlimited tags to notes to organize & make searchable Rearrange folders and subfolders using drag & drop View the number of characters and words in notes Built on a rock-solid database engine
Supports portrait and landscape modes for browsing & editing Easily mark favorite notes and view in the special Favorites folder Previews are automatically created for each note for visual browsing Turn on/off auto-correction for assisted note editing
Use the built-in voice recorder to record notes
Quickly insert the current date and time into notes
Sort notes by title or date in List or Cover Flow modes Auto-capitalization options including all-caps
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