Requires Mac OS X 10.7 or later
  Lion compatible
  (Release Notes)
Stunning wallpapers for your desktop.

Your desktop is the center of your computing life. Lumio helps you make it your own. Lumio comes with hundreds of original & exclusive wallpapers designed by artists from around the world. Plus, using Lumio is an experience you won't soon forget.

Transform Your Desktop
Jazz up your desktop to fit your mood or personality.
  Art Gallery
Browse wallpapers in an art gallery experience.
  Exclusive Worlwide Artwork
Wallpapers designed by artists from all over the world.
Learn more about artists you like.
  Feature List
A complete list of award-winning features.
Go from geek to chic.
You no longer have to settle for the same old wallpapers that you're used to. Instead, transform the time you spend on your computer with something classy, crazy, or inspiring. Make it you.

Your own personal art gallery.
Using Lumio is like stepping into a swanky art gallery that makes you feel relaxed while you experience something special. This tailored environment will help you enjoy browsing for the perfect wallpaper to suit your mood or personality.

Exclusive artwork from all over the world.
Each wallpaper has been custom designed by an artist. Our artists come from different countries around the world and give you a variety of different styles to choose from.


Get to know your artist.

When you select a wallpaper, you'll see information on the artist who created the design. You can click the link to learn more about the artist and even purchase additional artwork from the artist which you can use for different projects like digital scrapbooking, business cards, labels, and more.

Features that count.
250+ professional wallpapers from artists around the world Beautiful art gallery interface turns Lumio into an "experience" Resizable window so you can see lots of wallpapers at once Zoom slider resizes wallpaper previews
Multiple screen support lets you change wallpaper on any screen Supports popular screen size resolutions Artist information to help you learn more about favorite artists Press one keystroke to quickly apply next wallpaper

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