Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later
  Yosemite compatible
  Version (Release Notes)
The fastest way to open applications, documents, and folders.

LaunchMagic is the premier launch manager for Mac OS X. Its one-of-a-kind design delivers an extraordinarily fast and efficient way to open applications, documents, and folders. It will literally change the way you use your computer.

NEW! Blurred/vibrant interface with optional fullscreen mode.
LaunchMagic's interface has been completely overhauled to feature the new blurred/vibrant look introduced in Yosemite. The interface has also been simplified to make using the software easier and more enjoyable. The interface is enhanced for Retina.

Plus, the Launch Center no longer has to fill your entire screen when invoked. This option is useful for users with large screens or for those who prefer a smaller launcher for their workflow.

The unobtrusive launcher.
Unlike other launch utilities, LaunchMagic is completely unobtrusive. It doesn't have task bars or docks constantly taking up precious screen space or popping out from the side of the screen on accident. LaunchMagic only appears when you need it and then instantly disappears when you’re finished.

LaunchMagic shows you all of your applications regardless of where they are on your computer. Simply double-click an application to launch it or type the first few letters of its name and press Return.

NEW! LaunchMagic now automatically filters applications that are deemed non-essential so the launcher isn't cluttered with helper applications that aren't manually launched.

Include documents & folders.
LaunchMagic is not limited to just applications. You can also add and access documents and folders that you frequently use.

Menu bar access.

A LaunchMagic icon appears in your menu bar to give you convenient accesss to important program features. Your keyboard shortcuts are also displayed in case you forget one of them.

BONUS! As an added bonus, the items you add to the Docks at the bottom of LaunchMagic also show up in this menu so you can easily open them.

  Your documents at your fingertips.

LaunchMagic makes it fast and easy to launch an application and open a document at the same time. Whenever you select an application, the File List shows you all of the documents related to that application. Your most recently opened documents will appear at the top of the list (or you can sort them alphabetically). Simply double-click the document to open it with the selected application.

NEW! The list of document belonging to an application is generated faster and more thoroughly than ever.

Instant previews.
Press the space bar to instantly see a Quick Look preview of the selected document without actually opening the document. The preview will also show you where the document is located on your computer.

Use the Preview Lock feature to automatically see the preview whenever you select a document.

  Icon & list formats.

You can choose to view files in the File List in an icon format or list format. Choose the format that suits you.

Document searching.

If you're looking for a particular document in the File List and it contains hundreds or thousands of files, you can use the search field to narrow down the list.

The Blaster.
If you're familiar with the Command-Tab hot key for switching between your running applications, then you already know how to use the Blaster. Simply press a special keyboard shortcut and your favorite applications, documents, and folders appear on your screen. Press the special keyboard shortcut again until the item you want to open is selected and presto, the item will open. It's fast, easy, and fun! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The Blaster also contains a Dock selector button so you can choose the Dock whose items you wish to view in the Blaster.

Adaptive searching.

Start to type the name of the item you wish to open. As you type, only the items that match your search phrase will be displayed. Amazingly, it usually only takes two or three keystrokes to find the item you're looking for. For example, you can partially or fully enter the following words to find the “ColorSync Utility”:

• Color • ColorSync • ColorSync Utility
• Sync • Utility  

Similarly, you can enter the following abbreviations to find this application:

• csu — the capital letters in the name
• cu — the first letter of each word in the name

LaunchMagic maintains a list of abbreviations, words, and phrases called shortcuts that it associates with each applications, document, and folder. You can view these shortcuts, edit them, or even add your own. This means you can can add custom shortcuts for items that you frequently launch. Plus, the software automatically learns new shortcuts as you use them.

Suppose, you frequently launch the “FaceTime” application and want to assign a really simple shortcut for it. In this case, you could add a shortcut that's really easy to type like "ff".

A Dock for your favorites.
LaunchMagic has a special region called the Dock which you can customize with items that you frequently use. You can create multiple docks so you can categorize your stuff. The items in your Docks are also available from the LaunchMagic icon in the menu bar.

Zero Setup
Zero Setup automatically finds all of your applications and ignores non-essential ones
  Adaptive Searching
Adaptive searching finds your applications by learning the abbreviations and phrases you use
  File List
The File List automatically displays all of the documents belonging to an application
Create multiple docks containing different categories of your favorites
The animated interface is not only "cool", but illustrates what's going on in the software
Assign your own shortcuts to applications for quick and custom launching
The redesigned interface is streamlined, striking, and compatible with the look of OS X
  Keyboard Shortcut Activation
Press a keyboard shortcut of your choice to activate LaunchMagic
  Hot Corner Activation
Move the mouse to a hot corner of your choice to activate LaunchMagic
App Exclusion List
Create your own list of applications that you want LaunchMagic to ignore
LaunchMagic only appears when you need it and hides itself as soon as you're done
Use the Blaster keyboard shortcut to quickly open items (the fastest launcher, ever)
Get Info
Use the Get Info window to see comprehensive information about a file or folder
  Search Exclusion List
Choose paths that you want LaunchMagic to ignore during automatic app searches
  Search Paths
Choose specific that you want LaunchMagic to use during automatic application searches
System Volume Searhing
Limit automatic application searches to the system volume
  Show in Finder
Conveniently view a selected application, document, or folder in the Finder
Sort the items in the Launch Center by name or last opened date
Zoom the items in the Launch Center as big or small as you'd like including jumbo size
  Menu Bar Icon
Conveniently access and manage LaunchMagic via its menu bar icon
  Document Searching
Search the documents related to the selected application or folder in the built-in File List
Quick Look Previews
View a Quick Look preview of a document in the File List without opening it
  File List Formats
View the documents in the File List in either an icon or list format
  Automatic Preview Lock
Lock the Quick Look preview so it always shows a preview when selecting a document
Documents, Folders, & Apps
Add documents and folders to the Launch Center in addition to apps
  Menu Bar Access to Docks
Open apps, documents, and folders in Docks from the menu bar
  Welcome Window
LaunchMagic includes a Welcome window with Getting Started video
Document Sorting
Sort the files belonging to an application in the File List by name or last opened date
Use the built-in database reset to quickly reset the database and start over
  Fullscreen Option
Choose whether the Launch Center fills the entire screen or just a portion of the screen

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