Requires Mac OS X 10.10 or later
  Yosemite compatible
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Your life organized: calendars, contacts, and journal.

Life happens fast whether it's personal or business. The best way to stay on top is focus. iTriumph is here to help. iTriumph integrates your calendar, contacts, and journal in a single application to provide you with clarity. Not only will iTriumph help you manage current obligations and relationships, it will help you reflect and focus on the big picture.

NEW 2.0 FEATURE: Zoom & preview crowded days in the Month View.
It's not uncommon for a day in the Month View to become so crowded with events and tasks that you can't read them all. This is especially true when your window is resized small or you're working on a small screen. iTriumph features an innovative solution that is an industry-first: a zoom for the Month view. Simply click and hold the mouse button down on the numeric date of the day you wish to zoom. It's fast. It's easy. And it's super useful.

NEW 2.0 FEATURE: One-click weather forecast.
iTriumph already shows you the current weather forecast in its various calendar views. But what if you're viewing a future month or working in the Contact Card and need to quickly see the weather? Now you can with the one-click weather forecast that shows you an 8-day forecast no matter what view you're working in. Plus, you can click any day in the forecast for even more weather details.

NEW 2.0 FEATURE: Calendar calculator with six built-in functions.
iTriumph features a built-in calendar calculator for helping you quickly answer common questions like:

  • How many days are there between June 12th and September 1st?
  • How many days until Christmas?
  • How many days until my daughter turns 7?
  • How old was I on a February 10, 1999?
  • What is the date two and half years from Monday?
  • If I leave Monday and return next Thursday, how many nights accommodations do I need and how much will it cost?

NEW 2.0 FEATURE: View the system Birthdays and Holidays calendars.
OS X makes two special calendars available via the built-in Calendar application: Birthdays and Holidays. The Birthdays calendar is automatically generated based on the birthday field you have set up for your contacts in the OS X Contacts app. The Calendar application generates the Holidays calendar based on the traditional holidays for your locale. iTriumph integrates with both of these built-in calendars so you don't have to set up or maintain multiple birthday/holiday calendars on your computer and iOS devices.

NEW 2.0 FEATURE: PrintLife integration for labels, envelopes, and more.
iTriumph doesn't have the built-in ability to print labels, envelopes, letters, etc. This is intentional because Chronos has a separately available product called PrintLife. PrintLife is a best-in-class and feature-rich application dedicated specifically to designing and printing professional documents. It goes well beyond the limited label and envelope printing features you typically see in address book software.

PrintLife includes sophisticated design tools for customizing your documents with fields, text, barcodes, shapes, photos, and graphics. It comes with an enormous collection of artwork and templates to help you get started and includes templates for: labels, envelopes, letterhead, greeting cards, certificates, flyers, invitations, collages, posters, raffle tickets, file folder tabs, name badges, fax covers, invoices, contact lists, contact summaries, activity lists, activity summaries, and more.

iTriumph integrates directly with PrintLife to make it easy to print these projects for the contacts or events/tasks that you have selected or are currently viewing.

A Modern Organizer: Integrated tools so you can manage everything in one place.
iTriumph is easy to use and works with the latest cloud technologies for calendar and contact management. It features:

• Day View • Week View • Month View • Year View
• List View • Contact Card View • Contact List View • Journal
• Daily Notes • Task List • Weather • Event Invitations
• Attendee Availability • Alarms • Resource Scheduling • Calendar Sharing
• CalDAV • CardDAV • iCloud Calendars • iCloud Contacts
• Google Calendars • Google Contacts • Yahoo Calendars • fruux Calendars
• fruux Contacts • Modern Interface • Retina-Optimized • More…

Stunning Interface: The clean, modern interface helps you focus on your life.
Your information has the starring role in iTriumph. The software aims to maximize the space for all things yours and remove clutter wherever possible. You're left with a workflow that is streamlined and easy-to-use.

Contacts: Manage your contacts alongside your calendar.
iTriumph integrates contact management with your calendar since the two often go hand-in-hand, e.g., you schedule appointments with people in your address book. iTriumph also integrates with Apple Mail so you can see a list of emails you've sent to/from a particular contact. Bonus: the built-in Contact List View makes it easy to view and sort your contacts on a host of common fields which is useful for mailing lists and managing your contacts.

Journal: Keep a personal diary.
Tthe perfect time to keep your personal diary up-to-date is when you plan or review your day. iTriumph is thus the perfect tool for doing so, because your schedule and the contacts you associate with are at your fingertips.

Daily Notes: A place for important details that don't fit neatly anywhere else.
The Day View contains a special Daily Notes region where you can conveniently enter miscellany that doesn't really fit neatly anywhere else. For example, the Daily Notes region is the perfect place for quick notes to yourself that don't justify going into your note manager or the contact card of an associate.

Weather: See the weather right on your calendar.
iTriumph will check the weather for you and conveniently display it right on the Day, Week, and Month calendar views. You can choose to view the forecast as many as 8 to 14 days out depending on the locale.

Team Up: iTriumph makes it easy to work with others.
iTriumph supports CalDAV technologies that make working with others easy. Here are three: 1) Use the Availability Panel to see when others are available to meet and to resolve scheduling conflicts; 2) The integrated Notification Center lists invitations to events that you've received from others. 3) The Address Panel makes it easy to schedule people, locations, resources, and groups.

FAQ: Do you own SOHO Organizer?
If you currently own our SOHO Organizer product, you may have a few questions about iTriumph and how it relates. We've put together a FAQ containing answers to questions we anticipate you might have.

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