Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  Mountain Lion compatible
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The easiest way to manage your digital scrapbooking artwork.

iScrapBox makes managing your digital scrapbooking artwork easier than you ever thought possible. Use iScrapBox to quickly browse and search your collection of iScrapKit artwork for the perfect image. Then add the image to your scrapbook page with a single click.

iScrapBox works with popular scrapbooking software like iScrapbook and graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop®.

Artwork Management
Browse, search, & manage your digital artwork.
  iScrapbook Owners
A must-read if you already own iScrapbook.
The world's first searchable digital scrapbooking artwork.
Instantly filter the images you're browsing.
Search graphics by title, tag, colors, and more.
Instant Close-ups
Use close-ups to instantly see more detail in your graphics.
  Insert Graphics
Insert graphics into your scrapboooking software. Store
Purchase searchable artwork kits from the Store.
  Feature List
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Browse, search, & manage your digital artwork with ease.
Do you waste lots of time scouring your hard disk for the perfect graphics for your scrapbook page? Do you spend hours organizing all your graphics or printing thumbnail index pages to make finding artwork easier? iScrapBox brings an end to all of this insanity. iScrapBox shows you all of your digital scrapbooking kits and then lets you browse their contents and easily search for the perfect graphic. Plus, it doesn't require any setup.

  Do you already own iScrapbook?

If you already own iScrapbook, then you don't necessarily need to also purchase iScrapBox. Why? iScrapBox contains the same iScrapKit browsing and searching functionality already in iScrapbook.

The main reason to purchase iScrapBox, if you already own iScrapbook, is the dedicated window it provides for browsing your kits (both products use the same kit library). The window can be made as big as you want which is really nice for viewing images and kits at larger sizes.

Discover our exclusive iScrapKits — the world's first searchable artwork for digital scrapbookers.

Most digital scrapbookers end up with thousands of artwork images on their computers. Browsing, searching, and managing thousands of images has proven to be an almost impossible, if not very time-consuming, task for most scrapbookers. solves this problem once and for all.

iScrapbook works with packages of related images called "iScrapKits". An iScrapKit is more than just a collection of high-quality graphics. iScrapKits also contain built-in information about the kit and the graphics in the kit. This information makes it easy to browse and search for the perfect graphic without any setup on your part. For example, you can quickly search your iScrapKits for an orange bow made out of ribbon.

When searching for the perfect graphic, you can search by name, tags, primary color, secondary colors, and actual colors.

• Complete Kits • Paper Kits • Alphabet Kits
• Embellishment Kits • Stamp Kits • Word Art Kits
• Quick Page Kits • Quick Album Kits  

Filter what you see.

You can filter the images you're browsing by by artist, image type, or color. Suppose, for example, that you want to view all of your EMBELLISHMENTS that have PURPLE as a primary or secondary color!

  Search in a few keystrokes.

Simply type a word or phrase to find all matching graphics. Each graphic in your library already has sophisticated information associated with it like a descriptive name, related tags, colors and more. This means you can do broad or narrow searches without any work on your part. For example, searching for "sweet" will find Valentine-themed graphics, candy graphics, word art graphics, etc.

Instant close-ups.

Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard to instantly see a close-up version of each image. Notice the texture and detail you can now see in graphics like ribbons without having to open each one individually — a real time saver!

  Insert graphics into your scrapbooking software or graphics editor.

When you find an image you want to use in your favorite scrapbooking or graphics editing application, you can simply double-click it or drag it to your scrapbook page.

With iScrapBox at your side, you'll be amazed at how easy and fun your scrapbooking becomes

Shop till you drop.

The iScrapbook Store offers the best shopping experience in the world for digital scrapbookers. The store features large previews, consistent pricing, and beautiful artwork categorized by theme, style, and artist.

Why is iScrapBox the best way to manage scrapbooking artwork? Here's why…
Easily browse, search, and manage iScrapKits Works with iScrapbook, the #1 scrapbooking software for Mac Search the tags assigned to images and kits Search for the perfect image by primary or secondary color
Hold down SHIFT to instantly see the artist who created any kit Easy-to-use Navigation Bar makes browsing straightforward Access the iScrapbook Store to acquire great iScrapkit artwork Works with popular graphics-editing software applications
Instantly search and filter your images and kits Hold down SHIFT for an instant close-up preview of any image Control-click an image to see a large preview, name, tags, etc.    

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