Greeting Card Shop comes with an amazing collection of templates that you can download for FREE. The templates will help you quickly create greeting cards, certificates, flyers, invitations, photo collages, labels, business cards, and more.

Follow these steps to download and install the templates:
  1. Click one of the below download links to download the template pack. Your web browser will save it in your "Downloads" folder unless you've told your web browser to save it elsewhere.
  2. Unzip the template pack if your web browser didn't automatically unzip it (double-click it to unzip it).
  3. Double-click the template pack to add it to PrintLife; OR drag the template pack to the Greeting Card Shop icon in the Dock to add it to Greeting Card Shop.
  4. When you create a new project in Greeting Card Shop, the new templates will appear in the Template Chooser when you select a project type.

Template Download Links

A template contains both artwork and optional photo placeholders that have already been laid out for you in a pleasing design. All you have to do is drag and drop your own photos onto the placeholders to customize.

U.S. Paper Sizes & Formats

Metric Paper Sizes & Formats

* The Greeting Card Shop application already has a bunch of the U.S. templates built into it which is why the template counts differ in the above U.S. and metric collections.

Please Don't Pirate Template Artwork

The artwork included in the templates on this page and in iScrapKits is copyrighted by the respective artists and is only licensed to customers who have purchased Greeting Card Shop. Each iScrapKit contains a "License.pdf" file which you can open to read the license that governs the artwork in the kit. Please remember that distributing or sharing the images in the kit with others is STEALING/PIRACY (similar to the unauthorized distribution or sharing of digital music).

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