Requires Mac OS X 10.11
  Sierra compatible
  Version (Release Notes)
Release Notes
Version 7.0.3
  • Fixes for macOS Sierra compatibility

Version 7.0.2
  • When a photo is dropped on a placeholder, the Cropping tools are now automatically selected in the sidebar
  • Fixed some problems related to photo frames
  • Fixed a problem with the Enhance image feature
  • Fixed problems with images appearing upside down
  • Fixed a display problem when editing bezier shapes

Version 7.0.1
  • Worked around El Capitan-related drawing problem

Version 7.0.0
  • NEW! Built-in maps integration
  • NEW! Major interface redesign to make software even easier to use. The Smart Inspector has been replaced with dedicated inspectors in sidebar for convenient one window use. The interface has been streamlined to bring focus to the design canvas and maximize its area
  • NEW! Standalone inspectors for users with large screens
  • NEW! All-new photo browser supports Apple's Photos application, face searching, favorite searching, and place searching
  • NEW! Paper texture overlays for photos (33 overlays in 6 categories: folded, crumpled, canvas, linen, textured, paint)
  • NEW! Glass texture overlays for photos (8 overlays)
  • NEW! "Old film look" overlays for photos (8 overlays in 3 categories: dust & scratches, dust, crackle)
  • NEW! Auto enhance for one-click corrections to photos
  • NEW! 8 Vintage photo effects: B&W, fade, warm, cool, bold, instant, etc.
  • NEW! Vibrance photo effect
  • NEW! Line Art photo effect
  • NEW! Straighten photos
  • NEW! Draggable special effects: sunburst, sparkle, lenticular halo, and water stain (13 stains)
  • More…

Version 6.0.3
  • Fixed problem with "Define as Placeholder" control in Smart Inspector
  • Fixed problem with the Tint image effect and non-RGB colors

Version 6.0.2
  • Added ability to use iScrapKit papers for as the material for a 3D Headline
  • Added intensity setting to Vignette effect
  • Simplified some placeholder settings
  • Fixed printing problem
  • Fixed issue where placeholder backgrounds in old templates would sometimes appear blank
  • Fixed issues related to preview images for pages
  • Fixed resizing issue with QR codes

Version 6.0.1
  • Added ability for users to use their own reflection images for headlines
  • Added 5 new templates
  • Fixed problem editing headlines in two different windows at same time
  • Tweaked the way chamfering works to reduce display anomalies
  • The "Graphics Under Mouse" feature now more specifically identifies headlines
  • Fixed minor issue making sure the browser sider width is properly saved/restored
  • Replaced the Reflection Height double-slider with two separate sliders

Version 6.0.0
  • NEW! Added 3D Headlines (control lighting, 3D perspective, materials, reflections, more)
  • NEW! Added ability to create a QR Code
  • NEW! Added ability to convert a shape or text into a image so special effects can be applied
  • NEW! Added doughnut smart shape
  • NEW! Added tear drop smart shape
  • NEW! Added 2 bracket frames smart shapes
  • NEW! Added 5 shield smart shapes
  • NEW! Added new Bezier shape Smart Inspector
  • NEW! Added ability to close an open Bezier shape after it has been created
  • NEW! Added ability to mirror horizontally and/or vertically a Bezier shape
  • NEW! Added new Label Text feature which doesn't limit text to a bounding box
  • NEW! Added 25+ templates demonstrate new design features in version 6

Version 5.0.6
  • Updated the way gradients are displayed to use latest Apple API's
  • Fixed problem with auto-hiding of scrollbars
  • Fixed recently introduced problem opening templates with a background color
  • Fixed problem that caused background color/image/placeholder to be reset when opening an older document

Version 5.0.5
  • Added ability to delete custom and included templates
  • Custom templates are now always saved in the default location due to sandboxing restrictions
  • Fixed a problem where cropped images would lose image effects (e.g. a mask effect) during printing
  • Fixed problem with gaps in linen background when running under Mavericks
  • Fixed a problem where an image would be offset from its correct position when printing/exporting if effects were applied and the image's proportions were changed
  • Fixed problem with Open AutoRecover Files feature
  • Fixed problem that occurred when control-clicking the canvas with no graphics selected

Version 5.0.3
  • Improved printing/exporting so that images only get downsampled once which slightly improves image quality
  • Fixed problem printing/exporting images with special effects applied that would sometimes result in blurry images

Version 5.0.2
  • Fixed problem that could sometimes cause images to appear blurry on screen and when printed/exported

Version 5.0.1
  • Added support for new XML Sharing Option in Aperture 3.5 and later
  • Fixed problem where certain images would appear blank in printouts if the image had a special effect applied
  • Fixed potential Mavericks issue with the Cover Flow-like Artwork Preview window

Version 5.0.0
  • NEW! Share a business card via email, messaging, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr
  • NEW! Use business card as your email signature (supports Apple's Mail app)
  • NEW! Added 10 signature card templates
  • NEW! Added Template Chooser for previewing templates or creating a blank card
  • NEW! The Template Chooser shows the back side of double-sided cards
  • NEW! Added ability to save a document as a template so it shows up in the Template Chooser
  • NEW! Added ability to edit individual faces/sides of double-sided, folding, and tent cards
  • NEW! Added 36 double-sided templates (22 horizontal and 14 vertical)
  • NEW! Fold lines are now displayed on folding & tent cards when editing
  • NEW! Added 2 folding card templates
  • NEW! Added 2 tent card templates
  • NEW! Added support for new Avery 75361 self-laminating cards (great for loyalty cards, gym memberships, luggage tags, ID cards and more)
  • NEW! Added support for new Avery 88220 & 88221 double-sided cards with rounded corners
  • NEW! Added support for a lot of other Avery and generic card formats in U.S. and metric sizes
  • NEW! Added ability to convert text to outlines so the text is treated like any other shape
  • Improved the way shapes are selected by detecting clicks near the actual path of the shape (if not filled) instead of the interior of the shape
  • Improved the grid feature: the grid settings can now be saved on a document-by-document basis and the grid can optionally be printed
  • Improved photo placeholders
  • When multiple objects are resized, the font size and kerning of text boxes are scaled proportionally

Version 4.5.4
  • Image placeholders now work like shape placeholders: when a photo is dropped on the placeholder, it's automatically cropped to the placeholder bounds. Previously, the image would be resized to completely fit in the placeholder bounds which customers found confusing.
  • iPhoto libraries can now be selected when using the "Choose Aperture Library" command (since Aperture can also open iPhoto libraries)
  • The Transparency and Shadow tools are now available in the inspector window even if multiple different types of graphics are selected (e.g. image, text, shape)
  • Fixed problem pasting multiple objects at once (like a group of objects) where some of the objects in the group weren't positioned correctly relative to the other objects in the group
  • Fixed problem pasting multiple objects at once where all of the pasted objects wouldn't be selected
  • Fixed problem that could occur in Preview mode if the data being inserted into fields is too large for the text box
  • Fixed problem dragging a graphic from the Favorites Browser to a placeholder on the Canvas
  • Fixed problem where pasted graphics would sometimes appear blank
  • Fixed a problem that caused "soft color" fills to not work correctly when running on a Retina Mac (even if the app was being displayed on a non-Retina screen)
  • Fixed problem changing settings for multiple selected objects at once (e.g. removing a drop shadow, changing the color fill or transparency, etc.)
  • Fixed a problem where a document wasn't marked as dirty in certain situations
  • Fixed problem where the Canvas would scroll when the document was saved

Version 4.5.3
  • Added option to manually choose an iPhoto or Aperture library in the version of the software sold directly from the Chronos website (the Mac App Store version already has this capability)
  • Added error reporting when the iPhoto or Aperture library can't be found or opened
  • Added iPhoto/Aperture Info button to see path and additional info (including error information) for current library
  • Added a preview and other improvements to the Custom Layout sheet
  • Added ability to use custom stock sizes for cards other than US Letter or A4
  • Added menu commands to show/hide/customize the toolbar
  • Added ability to start editing text in a selected text box by simply starting to type. This allows text boxes that are behind other objects to be edited
  • Added Long date format in addition to existing Short, Medium, and Full (formerly called "Long") date formats
  • Added Short, Medium, Long, and Full date formats to the custom option that exclude the year component
  • Fixed problem where it was possible to paste an object outside the Canvas
  • Fixed problem creating a new layer when more than one document is open
  • Fixed problem swapping the horizontal and vertical spacing in the Custom Layout sheet when the orientation changes
  • Fixed problem creating a blank vertical card that resulted in a blank horizontal card
  • Fixed problem swapping the horizontal and vertical spacing in the Custom Layout sheet when the orientation changes
  • Fixed problem problem where if a photo that was just inserted was cropped, then immediately uncropped, the photo would disappear
  • Fixed problem where a photo that was inserted then immediately set as the background image wouldn't appear in the background

Version 4.5.2
  • Fixed problem introduced in 4.5.1 that could cause software to crash under Snow Leopard

Version 4.5.1
  • NEW! Overhauled user interface for a more modern look and improved efficiency
  • NEW! Add text along the path of any shape
  • NEW! Delete a "modifier" for a control point on a Bezier shape
  • NEW! Two heart shapes
  • NEW! Nine speech bubble shapes
  • NEW! Combined Color and Gradient inspectors for efficiency
  • NEW! Rotate grouped objects as a whole instead of independently
  • Added compatibility with Mac App Store version of iScrapbook 4
  • When a new text box is added to the canvas, it now immediately starts editing
  • Improved speed of displaying cropped images
  • Fixed problem caused by iPhoto 9.4.1 that causes events to appear as albums
  • Fixed problem where a copied image in an unsaved document could be copied but then pasted only once
  • Fixed issue that prevented objects from being dragged around the canvas under Mac OS X 10.6
  • Fixed problem where the revised name of a renamed layer didn't show up immediately
  • Restored ability to crop a photo to the outlines of the characters in a text box
  • Fixed problem where drop shadows would sometimes be the wrong size when exported
  • Fixed problem sorting iPhoto photos by date
  • Significantly improved speed of software when page includes cropped images
  • Fixed problem when running on MacBook Pro Retina that caused software to operate at twice the normal resolution
  • Removed the Print column from the Layers Pane since it was causing some confusion (layers now always print if visible)
  • Fixed a problem where cropped images would have a blank thumbnail when dragged to the Favorites Browser
  • Fixed a problem dragging a PDF image from the Favorites Browser to the Canvas
  • Fixed problem where single and double-headed arrow line shapes in Shapes Browser were swapped

Version 4.0.3
  • Improved rotation functionality for grouped objects
  • Improved auto-resizing of large images that are dragged and dropped onto the design canvas
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused photos to appear flipped when running under Mountain Lion
  • Fixed problem dragging cropped paper images to/from the Favorites Bin
  • Fixed clipping issues that occur only under Mountain Lion when dragging images around the design canvas

Version 4.0.2
  • Fixed problem displaying double-sided business cards
  • Fixed issue dragging and dropping artwork images to the Finder

Version 4.0.1
  • Mountain Lion compatibility

Version 4.0.0
  • Renamed product from SOHO Business Cards to Business Card Shop
  • BONUS! Mega-Artwork Collection featuring 29 iScrapKits ($120 value and over 1.8GB in size) — perfect for business cards
  • NEW! Added 107 ALL-NEW professionally-designed HORIZONTAL business cards
  • NEW! Added 19 ALL-NEW professionally-designed VERTICAL business cards
  • NEW! Business card designs for 126 unique professions
  • NEW! Added Aperture support to built-in photo browser
  • NEW! Added support for iPhoto events to built-in photo browser
  • NEW! Added support for searching iPhoto photos by name, keyword, date, rating
  • NEW! Added ability to add Finder folders containing images to built-in photo browser
  • NEW! Added iPhoto/Aperture sorting
  • NEW! Added ability to add customizable reflections to any graphic, shape, or text box
  • NEW! Added new integrated Layers view
  • NEW! Added large card previews to template selector
  • NEW! Welcome window
  • NEW! Lion fullscreen support
  • NEW! The application is now 64-bit only
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes…

Version 3.0.4
  • Added ability to flip bezier shapes horizontally and vertically
  • Improved speed of Preview mode
  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused a crash while printing under Leopard
  • Fixed problem saving custom page sizes in Change Layout dialog
  • Fixed problem cropping an image with a stroked shape and a shadow

Version 3.0.3
  • Fixed problem with placeholders caused by previous version fix

Version 3.0.2
  • Fixed problem quitting the software by manually closing the document window
  • Fixed problem with image placeholders not drawing correctly

Version 3.0.1
  • Optimized Preview mode to only redraw when absolutely necessary

Version 3.0.0
  • NEW! Smart Templates with advanced features like named placeholders, automatic images, and more
  • NEW! REGULAR text placeholders and TEXT+IMAGE placeholders
  • NEW! 75 Smart Templates for quickly creating professional business cards
  • NEW! iScrapKit browser manages artwork and makes it searchable
  • NEW! Font Preview mode for previewing fonts in a list or animated fashion
  • NEW! Curved & spiral text
  • NEW! Paste and Match Style feature to match the style of text nearby
  • NEW! Ability to hold down the space bar and drag the mouse to scroll the canvas
  • NEW! Trim To Card feature to hide objects outside the card for a quick preview
  • NEW! Six (6) new Smart Shapes
  • NEW! Multiple objects can be resized together without grouping
  • NEW! Edit bezier shapes
  • BONUS! Includes 20 iScrapKits containing 974 graphics

Version 2.6.0
  • Now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Version 2.5.1
  • Now runs under Tiger AND Leopard
  • High resolution images occasionally were drawn at low resolution -- fixed
  • Standalone inspector windows were sometimes being incorrectly repositioned under the selected graphics (standalone inspectors shouldn't move) -- fixed
  • Holding down the shift key while resizing a photo now ALWAYS keeps the photo correctly proportioned
  • Photo objects (photos with a built-in mask for a transparent background) sometimes appeared with white backgrounds -- fixed
  • Renamed the "Color Wash" effect as "Tint". Also added Tint controls to the Color tools in the inspector window when an image is selected
  • EPS images aren't a native image format on Mac OS X although they can be displayed with the help of a converter. The converter is very slow so as soon as an EPS image is added to a design, we convert it to a PDF
  • New built-in updater system allows the application to be automatically updated without downloading and running an installer application

Version 2.1.1
  • Added a Print button to the toolbar in Preview mode
  • Fixed problem that would cause images dragged from the Favorites bin to the canvas to not work properly

Version 2.1.0
  • Added several image optimizations that make the software more responsive and result in much smaller files when documents are exported in PDF format
  • There's now an "Image Display Quality" preference that sets the resolution of images DISPLAYED in the software. The "Print Quality" preference sets the resolution of images when they are PRINTED. So it's possible to display lower resolution images in the software for faster performance while still outputting high resolution images in printouts
  • Any closed shape can now be defined as an Image Placeholder. A text box can also be defined as an Image Placeholder so when an image is dropped on the text box, the image will be cropped by the text
  • When a grouped set of graphics is selected, the resize "knobs" are drawn differently so the user knows that a group is selected. Plus, the inspector window provides a button for selecting individual members of the group
  • When a group is double-clicked or control-clicked, we display a contextual menu allowing the user to select individual members of the group
  • When an image is cropped, the inspector window provides a circular slider and angle field for precisely controlling the rotation of the image being cropped. There are also buttons for flipping the image horizontally or vertically
  • The Smart Inspector window is even smarter about where it appears relative to the selected graphic(s). It's positioned so it won't obscure the selected graphic(s) if at all possible
  • An image can now be tiled within a shape. To do this, crop the image with the shape and choose "Tile Image" from the Geometry menu in the inspector window's Crop tools
  • Locked graphics can now be selected and unlocked individually. Previously, ALL locked graphics had to be unlocked at the same time
  • Alignment guides (that appear when objects are moved around) are now more precise. Guides are displayed for the center of the page and the page edges making it easier to "snap" objects to the center or sides of the page
  • Added a "Soft Color" fill option for shapes. This setting draws a customizable "soft" fill in the center of the shape or around the edges of the shape
  • Added "Distribute Horizontally" and "Distribute Vertically" commands. These commands position 3 or more selected objects so the space between them is equal
  • When a document is selected in the Finder, a thumbnail preview of the document is displayed
  • Added a new Bezier Shape that allows the user to create virtually any kind of shape. The shape is defined by a series of control points and handles
  • We now correctly update the file extension to the new version 2 extension when saving a document using the "Save As" command (previously, only the Save command was working correctly)

Version 2.0.2
  • Blank documents were sometimes being saved with a version 1 file extension which caused problems when saving the file -- fixed
  • The File > Change Layout command couldn't be used to change the layout of a document created in version 1 -- fixed

Version 2.0.1
  • Fixed a problem where a "Temporary Files" folder wouldn't be correctly created on disk. This may have caused certain images in a document to disappear when saving the file
  • When creating a new business card document, it's automatically set to print a full page of cards (rather than a single card). The number of cards to be printed can be changed using the "Repeat" popup button at the bottom of the window in Preview mode
  • Fixed some shadow drawing issues related to lines w/ arrowheads

Version 2
  • Smart Inspector. The new Smart Inspector in SOHO Business Cards appears only when needed and is context-sensitive so you only see the tools you currently need
  • Business Card Wizard. The new Business Card Wizard makes it easy to see and choose exactly the kind of business card you wish to create
  • Favorites Bin. The new Favorites Bin makes it easy for you to store and re-use designer graphics and shape artwork that you have created
  • Text Bin. The new Text Bin makes it easy for you to define, store, and re-use common text styles like titles, headings, captions, address text, etc.
  • Single Window Interface. The interface has been streamlined to fit in a single window
  • Object Grouping. Graphics, text, and shapes can now be grouped together as a single object that can be moved, resized, and rotated as a single entity
  • Unlimited Layers. Artwork can now be placed on an unlimited number of layers including the standard Foreground and Background layers
  • 100+ Super-Masks. Super-masks take regular masks one step forward by giving you fine control over how the mask is applied to an image
  • 30+ Special Effects. Over 30 special effects like Sepia, Gaussian Blur, Sparkle, and more in 8 different categories (Photo Effects, Color, Blur, Distortion, Stylize, Lighting, Tile, Halftone) can be applied to an image
  • Photo Fine-Tuning. Quickly and easily adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure, and more of any photo without permanently altering the photo
  • Photo Cropping. You can now easily crop photos to the aspect ratio of your choice
  • Crop Zooming. You can now zoom the image in a crop while you're performing the crop
  • Grid Overlay or Underlay. Now you can choose to have the grid appear above all of the artwork or behind all of the artwork for precise object placement
  • Lock & Unlock Objects. You can now easily lock a graphic, shape, or text on the design canvas so it can't be accidentally moved or deleted
  • Double-Sided Card Canvas. The front and back sides of a double-sided business card now appear next to each other on the design canvas so both sides can be conveniently viewed and designed
  • Folding Card Canvas. The exterior and interior sides of a folded business card now appear next to each other on the design canvas so both sides can be conveniently viewed and designed
  • Perspective Tool. The perspective tool lets you easily distort a two dimensional image to give the impression of depth
  • Arrow Smart Shapes. You can now easily create arrows of any size and proportion including one-way and two-way arrows

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